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One of the hardest things when booking your Private Tour is not knowing what you'll find when you get there. On a few recent multi-day tours we discussed this with our clients and they all suggested we add photos of ourselves and a few words about what we actually do for our clients, so here goes.

Athens Tours Greece

My name is Stephen I'm English and have lived for 24 years in Greece, fluent in English & Greek and speak some Spanish, Italian, German and French. What I love to do is to show Private Clients a side of Greece that's hard to find for visitors. Like last week we found a beautiful little village untouched by tourists ate a lunch of freshly caught fish (the fishing boat was right next to the taverna.) Then that night at dinner the clients ended the meal with an impromptu Greek dancing lesson from the owners of the taverna complete with smashing plates! You see sometimes an 8 or 9 hour day is just not enough so we really do "go that extra mile."

Athens Tours Greece

Hi I'm Maria born and raised in Greece - my passion is History and Mythology so you can imagine my delight when I had a Private Tour with an American family and the youngest son only 9 years old was so well informed about Greek history and especially Mythology.

Recently we had an amazing small group of Canadians and after visiting Olympia we went to a local Farm for a light lunch, wine tasting and drinking! But it started raining so leaving would have been uncomfortable I arranged with the owner's so we could stay a little longer, everyone had another glass (or 2) of wine and we danced until magically the rain stopped and the sun shined then we were off to the beach for a well earned rest.


Wednesday September 12, 2012

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