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Olympia Greece

The birthplace of the Olympic games and where the torch ceromony is held every four years it then travels to Athens and then to the host City of the next Olympic games. The ancient Olympic games first started in 776 B.C.

Many visitors arrive at Katakolon by cruise ship to visit Olympia the drive from Katakolon takes 30 to 40 minutes.

We provide Private and Shared Group tours from Katakolon to Olympia for a lot less money than offered by your cruise ship. Our minibus (minivan) and bus can seat any number of passengers ideal for your small or larger group. We specialize in tours to Olympia offering you the best service with options including; licensed guide, wine tasting, Chlemoutsi Castle, visits to Zacharo or Kourouta beach and definitely the best prices.


  • Shared group tour, 20 Euro for adults and 14 Euro for children 3 to 14 years
  • Private Tour, in a lux class Mercedes Benz minibus (minivan) from 25 Euro per person

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