Athens to Corinth tour

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    This tour is for groups who are staying in Athens and prefer to do something different, seeing more of Greece
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    The vehicle will depend on the size of your group up to 20 persons it will be a minibus, over 20 it will be a bus (coach)
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    Please contact us for exact pricing. An example would be €60 each for up to 18 persons €40 each for up to 30 persons


  • A relaxing drive along the coastal road towards Ancient Corinth
  • Stop at the Isthmus Canal with a bridge that submerges to let ships pass
  • Next drive to Ancient Corinth and visit the archaeological site and museum
  • After your visit stop at the middle bridge of the Canal it's a great photo-op
  • To complete your day add a visit to Epidaurus, Mycenae or Nafplion
  • Epidaurus an amphitheatre still in use today with amazing acoustics
  • Mycenae in Ancient times this City dominated the area
  • Nafplion a beautiful City with Venetian influenced architecture


Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth